编号 HG02
封装 TY-400
规格 136mm*38mm*33mm
材质 塑胶
颜色 自然白
品牌 滴康
型号 HG02

Manual of Medical infrared forehead thermometer


Thank you for purchasing this product. Please read the manual carefully before using it. The product is subject to the actual product. This manual contains instructions for use and technology.

Document No.: PD-WI-50


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Please open the package carefully, check whether the accessories are complete and the components are damaged due to transportation according to the packing list below, and install and operate in strict accordance with the instructions. If there is any damage or operation question, please contact our seller or directly
Contact us. When you contact, you should provide the following information, the model, serial number, date of purchase, and your contact information and address.

Standard packing list






2×AAA batteries (Optional)




1×qualified Certificate

Safety Precautions

Before using the thermometer, please read the following precautions carefully:


This product is not a substitute for continuous monitoring of body temperature

The temperature sensor is a sensitive part of the infrared thermometer and must be protected carefully.

Do not discard the used batteries at will and send them to the designated environmental protection place for disposal, so as not to pollute the environment. At the end of the service life of the device, there may be situations where normal measurement is not possible. Random disposal of discarded medical electronic products may cause environmental pollution. The inspection shall be disposed of according to relevant laws and regulations.

When the product is not used for more than 2 months, the battery should be removed and stored.
Do not immerse the product in water or expose it to the sun. which will cause damage or accelerate aging.

Do not shake or bump the product violently, it may cause damage or inaccurate measurement.
The normal temperature range of the human body varies from person to person. It is recommended that individuals record daily measured values as reference values for fever.

Body temperature rises during exercise or emotional agitation, and measurement is not recommended at this time. Take a break for 20 minutes after exercise before taking measurements.
After each use, it should be cleaned and stored in a dust-free, dry and ventilated place.

● Avoid measuring in an environment outside the specified normal working environment, which will adversely affect the accuracy.

● Avoid storing and transporting in environment outside the specified storage and transport environment, which will adversely affect the accuracy.

●During use, if the thermometer is dropped or damaged due to carelessness, and the normal measurement reading cannot be provided, it is not recommended to continue to use, please contact the dealer or the manufacturer's after-sales service department for consultation and treatment. Don’t open or repair the device by yourself



This product cannot replace monitoring equipment for continuous monitoring of body temperature.

● It is dangerous to perform self-diagnosis and treatment through the measurement results, please refer to the diagnosis of a professional doctor.

● Do not modify this machine without the manufacturer's permission to avoid damage or safety hazard.

   Do not charge or throw ordinary dry batteries into a fire to prevent the risk of explosion.

    Non-professionals should not disassemble or repair the thermometer to avoid irreparable damage.

   When measuring, please do not use mobile phones or other electromagnetic interference equipment in the surroundings.

It is forbidden to use this equipment in a mixture of flammable anesthetic gas and air or with oxygen and nitrous oxide.

Keep the thermometer out of the reach of children

--The patient is an intended operator. The patient can measure data and change battery under normal circumstances and maintain the device according to the user manual.

--The use of heat and cold producing devices, such as electric heating blankets, heating pads or ice packs, may impair the performance of device and increase the risk of injury to the patient.

-If you have any problems setting up, maintaining or using this device, please contact manufacturer or customer service. Please report to manufacturer if any unexpected operation or events occur. Don’t open or repair the device by yourself.

-- Changes to the device are not admitted.

-- The device does not require any calibration

-- No servicing/maintenance while the ME equipment is in use.

--Manufacturer will make available on request circuit diagrams, component parts list etc.

--The operator shall not touch output of batteries and the patient simultaneously.

--Do not use the device if it is damaged/degraded/lessened in any way. --The continuous use of a damaged unit may cause contact injury, improper results, or serious danger.

---If you experience discomfort during the use, such as allergic re- actions or other complaints, stop using the device immediately and contact your physician.

--If a battery has been swallowed, seek medical attention immediately

-- When not in use, store the device in a dry room and protect it against extreme moisture, heat, lint, dust and direct sunlight. Never place any heavy objects on the storage case

- Keep the lens clean and well protection before using, soiled or damaged lens (infrared optical component) will adversely affect the accuracy

Intended use

Infrared thermometer is intended to measure forehead temperature at home and in public. The thermometer can be used for children (aged more than 1 year) and adults.

It has two measurement modes: Body mode and object mode, Body mode is an adjusted mode and object mode is direct mode.

Objects temperature measurements (eg. Rice paste temperature); Liquids temperature measurements (eg. Bath water for babies, milk);

Symbols and text description



Please dispose according to local legislation


Attention, consult accompanying documents


date of manufacture

Afraid of sunshine


Layer limited less than 4


Ingress of water or particulate matter


WARNING indicates that incorrect use may cause

inaccurate measurement results or damage to the


Serial Number

Lower battery

Indicates a general prohibition.


CAUTION Indicates that incorrect use may result in

personal injury or damage to the instrument.

Product description

(1) Product structure and composition

This product is mainly composed of plastic case, LCD display, operation

buttons, infrared temperature sensor, and circuit components.

(2) Measurement principle

Measure the infrared energy emitted from the forehead. This energy is concentrated through the lens and converted into a temperature value by a thermopile and a measurement circuit.

(3) Scope of application

● Display the body temperature of the measured object by measuring the heat radiation of the human forehead.

(4) Contraindications


(5) In normal use, the accuracy of measurements obtained with IR thermometers and contact thermometers are the same, but sometimes it may be affected by operators’ technique, anatomical variations, subject cooperation, etc. so suggest using the infrared thermometer according to the user manual strictly

Main Structure

Product components: temperature measuring head. +/- button, setting, displayer, temperature measuring head, battery, machine.

Product Description

. LCD Display Description

1) Object mode symbol

2) Body mode symbol

3) Measured temperature

4) Memorized measurements Serial Number

5) Memorized temperatures

6) Battery low symbol

7) Temperature unit °C (Celsius) / °F (Fahrenheit)

8) Volume On/Off Symbol

Measuremnt method

Precautions before use

1) --At least 30 minutes required of equipment to warm from the minimum storage temperature until it is ready for intended use,

2) --At least 30 minutes required for ME equipment to cool from the maximum storage temperature between uses until it is ready for intended use.

3) The body thermometer is suitable for indoor use, and the instrument itself and the test subject must not have a large air convection during the measurement (such as the wind from an electric fan, air conditioner, or heater);

4) This machine is sensitive to the ambient temperature, do not hold it with your hand for a long time;

5) Please make sure the sensor head is clean and unobstructed before use;

6) When measuring forehead temperature, please make sure that your forehead is not covered by hair, etc.

7) Please ensure that there is no intense mood, exercise, etc. before the measurement;

8) The test subject from one environment to the measurement environment, if the temperature is different, it is recommended to rest at least measure over 10 minutes.

9) Preventive inspection before use

Please check the appearance of the device before use. If it is damaged, it is not recommended to continue using it.

Please check whether the battery of the device is sufficient before use. If the battery is low, it is recommended to replace the battery.

How to use the thermometer?

When the measured temperature does not feel the same as your body temperature, it is recommended to take another measurement under the ear.

Back light status instructions

When measured temperature is within 32 to 37.2 , the LCD shows green backlight, produce one beep.

When measured temperature is within 37.3 to 37.8, the LCD shows blue backlight, produce one beep.

When measured temperature 37.8, the LCD shows red backlight, produce one beep.


LCD display

Possible cause and solutions

When The measured value exceed 43 in body mode or exceed 100 in object mode

When The measured value is below 32 in body mode or below 0 in object mode

When the ambient temperature is higher than 40 ° C, “ErH” is displayed and the temperature cannot be measured. Please use in the environment of 10 40 .

When the ambient temperature is lower than 10 ° C, “ErL” will display and the temperature cannot be measured. Please use in the environment of 10 40 .

When the battery voltage is lower than 2.6 V, a flashing low-voltage symbol appears after power-on. Replace the battery soon.

The thermometer is broken

Battery replacement

When low-voltage symbol appears, Battery shall be replaced immediately.

When installing the battery, please pay attention not to reverse the polarity, otherwise, it may cause damage to the machine.
The batteries should be the same model or specification. Do not discard the used batteries at random. They should be disposed of in accordance with local environmental requirements.

1) After each use, you should clean the body and the temperature sensing head, wipe with a soft and clean cloth moistened with neutral detergent or a small amount of water.
2) Please keep the thermometer in a dry, ventilated, dust-free and pollution-free place, avoid direct sunlight, and the storage and transportation environment should meet the requirements.
3) Regularly check the thermometer for potential safety hazards to ensure safe use.
4) If not used for a long time (more than 2 months), please remove the battery for storage.

Product performance

Power supply

DC 3V, 2×AAA Batteries

The typical service life of the new and unused batteries is about 3000 measuring times or 200 hours

Running mode

Continuous work

Measuring site


Reference body site


Measuring time

About 1 second

Measuring Interval

10 seconds

Automatic shutdown

8 s

Measuring distance

3~5 cm


/ can be set

Measurement range

Body mode (Adjusted mode):
3243 , Accuracy±0.3

Object mode (direct mode):
0-100 , Accuracy±0.3

Display resolution


Memory storage

32 sets of measurement data

Low voltage alert

Below 2.6 V, low voltage symbol will appear

Automatic shutdown time

Automatically shut down if not touch operation button after 8 s

Product Sizemm

1 150× 40 × 17 (L x W x H)


73 g (excluding battery)

Working environment


Humidity≤ 95%RH

Atmospheric pressure70kPa~106kPa

Storage and transport condition


Humidity≤95% non-condensing

Atmospheric pressure70kPa~106kPa

Software version


Expected service life

About 50000 years


This infrared thermometer meets requirements established in ASTM Standard (E 1965-98) except 5.2.2. Full responsibility for the conformance of this product to the standard is assumed by Hunan Honggao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Add.: Block 5, Comprehensive Industrial Park, Tenghui Pioneer Park, Nanxian Economic Development Zone, Yiyang, Hunan, China

The infrared thermometer has been tested and conforms to the standard ASTM E1965-98. ASTM laboratory accuracy requirements in the display range of 37 to 39 °C (98 to 102 °F) for IR thermometers is ± 0.2 °C (± 0.4 °F), whereas for mercuryin-glass and electronic thermometers, the requirement per ASTM Standards E 667-86 and E 1112-86 is ± 0.1 °C (± 0.2 °F)

Clinical accuracy characteristics and procedures are available from the manufacturer on request

Storage and transportation conditions

1) you must prevent severe impact, vibration and rain splash during the process of transportation.
2) the packaged thermometer should be stored at non-corrosive gas, well-ventilated room.

EMC Compliance Statement

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): Ability of ME equipment or an ME system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in that environment. Immunity (to a disturbance): Ability of ME equipment or an ME system to perform without degradation in the presence of an electromagnetic disturbance.

The design and production of the System accords with the standards related electromagnetic compliance. The use of the System in electromagnetic environment may lead to degradation of performance, such as image quality degradation or system restart. If this often happens, it is recommended to check the use environment for possible disturbance source. The disturbance may come from other electrical equipment within the same or nearby room, portable and mobile RF communication equipment (such as cellular telephones or walkies-talkies), or nearby radio equipment, TV or microwave transmission equipment. If Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) occurs in the System, it may be necessary to take mitigation measures, such as relocating the System.

The System complies with EN60601-1-2: 2007

Manufacturer:/After-sales service unit: Hunan Honggao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer Add.: Block 5, Comprehensive Industrial Park, Tenghui Pioneer Park, Nanxian Economic Development Zone, Yiyang, Hunan, China

Contact phone+86-0737-2762828

* Special Statement: All the contents of this information are carefully reviewed. If there are any errors in printing and misunderstandings in the content, we reserve the right of final interpretation. If the product has technical improvement, it will be compiled into the new version of the specification, without notice, the appearance of the product, color changes, the physical object in the packing box shall prevail.